The Well Prayer Room


The Well Prayer Room

Redigging the Wells of Revival in Colorado

Come and go as you please during open hours.  We look forward to seeing you!

The Mission:

  • Fuel: The prayer room fuels the great commission with a specific focus on our region.
  • Fulfill:  We exist as an expression of Jesus’ first commandment, to love God with all we are.
  • Facilitate:  The prayer room functions to facilitate deep relationship with God.  We work to keep a ‘sacred space’ for this purpose.
  • Function:  To train and equip believers to function as a royal preisthood expressed through worship and intercession.

How to Get Involved:

  • Come: We are here to serve you! You are welcome to come and go freely during open hours
  • Join a prayer team:  Each prayer set is run by a team.  We believe fullness is found in Unity
  • Commit to a Sacred Trust:  Commit four or more hours per week to the Lord in the Prayer Room.  Build the House of Prayer

What is Sacred Space?

Something ‘Holy’ or ‘Sacred’ or that which is set aside for God’s purposes.  Our definition of a sacred space is a space set aside for people to meet with God and contend for his purpose in our region.

There are many rooms in a house that are set aside for many different things.  It is inappropriate to do perform the same tasks you do in the kitchen in the bathroom.

Prayer Room Etiquette:

  • Keep conversations under 15-20 seconds
  • Read, study, soak, pray, engage
  • If you would like to lead prayer, please speak to the prayer leader
  • Join a team (ask for more details)
  • We ask that all instruments be played by those on a team
  • Due to limited space, we ask that flags not be used in the prayer room


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